Gift Boxes and Packaging






We stock the folding gift boxes in a white alligator texture and some sizes of a premium white chrome and metallic. These can be purchased in less than case lot quantities. There are some Kraft gift boxes listed under the white tab. These are called ECO boxes and must be ordered case lot only. All other boxes on the lists are in case lot quantities and are plus freight. 

Click on the above link to see the styles and sizes available. We stock the boxes in a white texture, gold, silver, see thru lid, and Kraft. The boxes we have stocked in our retail store can be purchased in less than case lot quantities. Other boxes listed are in case quantities and are plus freight. 


Vu boxes are made the same as the rigid fiber filled jewelry boxes with white bottoms and clear vinyl lids. These can be used for cards and stationery, jewelry, or gift items. The jewelry sizes can be purchased with or without the fill. We do stock sheets of fiber fill that the customer may cut to fit their needs.

Click on the above link to see the stock boxes available. Not all designs come in all sizes. These can be custom run in quantities of 1200 boxes. We also have the ability to color coat the stock white mailers in a color you desire. These custom runs also have minimums. For custom sizes of die cut boxes and printing there are one time die charges.  We have many of these available in less than case lot quantities. In our retail store you may purchase them individually.

These photo boxes are a rigid box with a white top and white bottom, or a black top with either a white or black bottom. There are many stocked sizes and they are sold case lot. We do have some sizes in our retail store which can be sold in less than case.


 Wine packaging includes wine bottle carriers and boxes for presentation for 1 - 3 standard size bottles. They come in colors and designs. There are also tote bags, metallic bags, and organza bags made for these bottles as well. Click on the above link to see some of the packaging that is available. These are available in case lot quantities to be drop shipped to your location. We also have some wine packaging in our retail store. 

 Gourmet packaging is made for the presentation of jars or bottles of jams and vinegar. They come as corrugated carriers or Autolock boxes. We have available in full reams food grade color tissue and food grade curling ribbon. Also available are food service bags and plastic clamshell packaging in case lot quantities.
The gable boxes come in Kraft and White Kraft. They are available in 4 sizes. We do stock these as well as some color ones that would be available in less than case lot quantities.

These boxes are made of paper or frosted poly. They come with wire handles and are tapered. We sell these in case lot quantities. There is one size of white plain box that we stock in the retail store and can sell less than case lot. 
There are 4 sizes of white square hat boxes that we stock. These are a 12" x 12" x 6", 14" x 14" x 7", 16" x 16" x 7", and an 18" x 18" x 7". These come with string ties. We also have some round hat boxes in stock. These can be purchased separately in our retail store, but because shipping is high we like to sell these in nested sets when shipped. Custom sizes can be made in quantities of 100 or more. For freight purposes it is best to produce nested sets.

Pillow packs are available in 4 sizes in white, gold, silver and 6 colors which are black, brown, ivory, oatmeal, chocolate, and aqua. There is also a watercolor design. We sell these in full case lot quantities but have a gold that we can sell less than case lot.
Favor boxes are used for weddings, anniversaries, and party favors. These come in various sizes and styles. some are American made candy boxes which we stock in our retail store and can be purchased in any quantity. There is also Italian packaging of 2 piece styles, purse style, chest style, ribbon top boxes, and small rigid hat box styles that can be purchased case lot.

These tins can be used for many food or gift items. They are round, oval, and flat hinged styles in various sizes and come in cartons of 10 tins. The DVD tin comes 24 per case and the gift card tin comes in cartons of 100.
 The printers boxes for stationery and business cards come case lot only. They are stocked in white. The letter size box comes in 1 or 2 ream depths. There is a legal size box. Business card boxes come to hold 250, 500, and 1000 sizes. We also have rigid business card and stationery boxes that can be purchased less than case lot.











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